((( THANK Deep )))

A Co-inspiring all I've ever known in my way. The teachers with whom I have shared and learned from their knowledge, given away in alchemy and generosity of Prayer.
With music being a healing channel open and pure, infinite and eternal))) resound with you and I live.
I thank those who were critical to their expansion generating curiosity of my singing, keep looking for beauty and maximum delivery each Performance, for his criticism also made ​​me realize my view and feel more loved, singing ... revealing front me like a high occurrence of expression, communication, healing and action *
Walking sacred music))))
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Tiano Bless
Dany Primus
Leonardo Bondani
Roco Pachukote
Pelusa Rivarola
Juan Carlos Taminchi
Daniel Piña
Republic Of Ligth
and many other friends @ s herman @ s and artists who have believed in me and gave me the love and support that helped me re-born again and continue re-inventing the songs of the time, of the music of life.
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